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Monster Teeth: A Healthy Halloween Treat

Chocolate, candy, & all things sugary and sweet are a given when it comes to Halloween. I totally get it - it’s so yummy and induces so much happiness. It’s ok to have some & enjoy but be mindful of your intake.

In Chinese Medicine, too much of the “Sweet” flavor (starchy carbs included) damages the Spleen-Stomach system of our body. This involves the digestion & processing of food. Too much of a good thing in this case leads to all those upset tummy feelings like indigestion, bloating, gas, and maybe loose stools or diarrhea.

To avoid those symptoms, moderation is key, drink lots of water, go for a walk, and balance the sugar with some protein. You can also drink some ginger tea or better yet chai tea which has herbal foods that support digestion.

Lastly, don’t forget to brush your teeth . Otherwise, you’ll end up with what my girls call “pirate teeth” or maybe even monster teeth like these. Not the prettiest snack but they were pretty tasty and perfectly monstrous.

::Monster Teeth::


Apples (sliced) Nut butter of your choice (I used almond butter) Marshmallows (I used @mydandies)


Slice the apples, smear some almond butter on one side, stick a few marshmallows on, and top with another slice of apple & almond butter. Enjoy!

Only 4 more days until Halloween !

- Dr. Lesley

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