As a California Board licensed Acupuncturist, the primary area of attention is your healing.  We find that by offering patient-centered acupuncture treatment and care we are able to build strong lasting relationships with our patients.  We often have patients that continue coming to the center even after their symptoms resolve, because they understand that wellness comes from maintaining health, not just addressing illness when you are sick.

Our Pricing Structure and Acceptance of Insurance

Our practice firmly believes that there is no pre-determined course of acupuncture treatment and that each person is fundamentally different from the next.  As a consequence, we do not push bulk acupuncture treatments.  Our acupuncturist focuses on the treatment that you actually need, and not the profits to be gained.  We are one of the few providers to accept health insurance coverage, including under the Affordable Care Act (Covered California).  Note, some insurance carriers will require a referral from a treating physician.

** Due to the COVID outbreak, we are only offering virtual telemedicine/telehealth appointments at this time. 

Please click here to schedule.  **

Initial Telemedicine/Telehealth Visit:  Virtual appointment that includes consultation, evaluation, acupressure treatment, and recommendations for herbal medicine, nutrition, and self-care if applicable.   (75-90 min)

Follow-up Telemedicine/Telehealth Visit:  Virtual follow-up appointment.  (30-60 min)  

Initial Acupuncture Visit:  Free initial 1/2 hour consultation with the acupuncturist. Recommended initial treatment.  (90-120 minutes).


Subsequent Acupuncture Visit(s):  Price varies based on treatment required.  (45-60 minutes).


Additional Therapies*:  The following treatment modalities can be incorporated as needed into your acupuncture session or used as a standalone treatment. 

  • Moxibustion - An aspect of Oriental Medicine that involves warming regions and acupuncture points using a specialized form of the herb Ai Ye (mugwort).  The intention of this treatment is stimulating circulation through the acupuncture points and inducing a smoother flow of blood and Qi ("chi"). 

  • Tui-Na - A hands-on-body treatment that is one of the modalities of Chinese medicine.  The origins of tui na can be traced to Eastern martial arts schools where it was used to treat and manage injuries from training. 

  • Cupping - A method of applying acupressure by creating a vacuum next to the patient's skin. This therapy is used to relieve what is called "stagnation." 

  • Gua Sha - A traditional Oriental bodywork technique used in many parts of Asia as a home remedy.  Most often used for, but not limited to, muscle soreness and tension, it can be applied to many parts of the body.

  • Essential Oils - We offer a line of essential oils and utilize the oils and aromatherapy during our acupuncture treatments.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment*:  90 minutes - includes acupuncture, cosmetic cupping, and/or facial gua sha.  

Cupping Treatment*:  30 minutes - Available as a standalone treatment to address muscle tension and pain or relief from coughing.  

*Please note that these services are not covered by insurance.  



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