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Can KIDS Wear Ear Seeds?

This is a common question and the answer is yes! It can help them stay calm and focused. And ear seeds can even force your kid to pick up their mess!

J/K - No. they won’t do that… but they will help with the headache that you get after asking them to do it a million times… 😅 .

All kidding aside, my girls love ear seeds, especially the Swarovski crystal ones because they are sparkly, pretty, and reminds them of princesses and unicorns 🦄. Sometimes they don't even want me to take them off when it's time ⌚️ to.

With many kids still doing Zoom school from home, it may be tough for many parents to get them to sit still and focus. (I know I do and my kids are only on for at most 1 hour each day 🤦‍♀️). I've definitely placed ear seeds on my girls for this purpose. Also, these small but mighty seeds helped calm my girls down when I needed them to settle down for bedtime.

If you're in the same boat as me (and many other parents), then you may want to check out this article linked below. This mom was blown away when her 8 year old was able to focus better, stay calm and be more attentive from just wearing ear seeds.

"I Tried Ear Seeds On My 8-Year Old Daughter this Week and the Results Were Mind-Blowing"

Curious about ear seeds either for yourself or your family?

Pick up a FREE sleeve of gold ear seeds (you just pay shipping) and if you any questions, send me an email or schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation.


- Dr. Lesley





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