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A Confession...That Wasn't an April Fool's Joke

Last year, when I first made the decision to temporarily close my clinic due to COVID, I thought it would be only for a month or two. I never imagined that I would be closed for this long.

As always, I am so thankful for my patients and their continued patience and understanding. So much so, that I hope that what I shared at the beginning of April (April 1st of course) in my newsletter was welcomed and much awaited news that came in two parts: a bad one and a good one.

Before I share the first part (the bad), I wanted to wait until I had confirmation on the second part (the good) even though the first part was already well underway. And when the good part came to fruition, I couldn't wait to share the news.

So with that, here's the (not so) bad news first.

After nearly a year of this dreadful pandemic, it became clear that my current location near Cowles Mountain was not the best place to practice in a (hopefully almost) post-COVID world.

And here's my confession:

At the end of March, I said good-bye to my clinic space of nearly 9 years. This space served me well with events, meetups, group acupuncture, and countless acupuncture treatments. Other practitioners offering massage, Reiki, and even hypnotherapy who shared the space with me helped make Feel Well Acu a true healing center.

This was a place that many of you have become familiar with over the years and have experienced your own share of healing, relief, and relaxation. So, to my patients, thank you for allowing me to share this wonderful medicine with you there.

As the saying goes, "when one door closes, another one opens".

It was hard to let go of Cowles Mountain but I ultimately made peace with the decision. In line with the energy of Spring, I embraced the change as a new and fresh start for Feel Well Acu. I began the hunt for a new space with a few key features in mind. Before I knew it - the universe answered (a lot quicker than expected).

With that, here is the good news:

Feel Well Acu has a new home!

Feel Well Acu will be relocating a few miles east to downtown El Cajon. Our new home is just a few blocks from Main Street on Magnolia Avenue.

There's still some work that needs to be done but I hope to make it an even better version of the Feel Well Acu that you all know and love. Special attention will be paid to safety but it will continue to be place of healing.

I am so excited for this new change and I look forward to seeing you there! If all goes well with the renovations, I hope to welcome you to this new space by Summer 2021.

Until then, stay up to date with the transformation by connecting with me on Instagram or Facebook. I'll be sharing pictures and videos of the new clinic in addition to my usual health tips, recipes, info on Chinese Medicine, and more. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, too. Subscribers get the news drops first so don't forget to sign up.

As always, you can still work with me 1:1 through my virtual sessions for personalized home treatment plans to help you navigate the stress of this pandemic & daily life, manage any of your health concerns, or if you simply want to feel well.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and I will see you soon at a brand new Feel Well Acupuncture!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Lesley

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