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Even if it's not snowing where you are...

If you live in San Diego like I do, you know that we typically don't experience a true winter with snow, ice, and cold cold temperatures like other parts of the country are having right now. We did, however, get a lot of rain, wind, cold, and hail recently which is probably the closest San Diego will get to winter conditions.

In Chinese Medicine, it's important to follow the flow of the seasons and nature to maintain and nourish health. In Winter, it's all about warmth, quiet, rest, and nourishment. No matter where you live (or if you travel - safely - to somewhere cold), I'm sharing with you my top 3 Chinese Medicine tips to stay healthy for the rest of this winter season as we look forward to spring.



1. Eat & drink with the season

A cup of tea on a table with steam flowing up.
Warm up your body with a hot cup of tea.

Naturally, when we think of Winter, we think cold. So, it's best to eat warm or hot food and drink during this time.

  • Start your day off with a cup of hot tea or hot water with lemon.

  • Stick to cooked foods such as soups & stews and skip the smoothies and salads.

  • Cook with warming spices such as ginger, cinnamon, clove, or cardamom.

Photo by Julia Sakelli from Pexels

2. Protect your neck

A collection of colorful scarves

Located on the nape of your neck is a point that can often be a gateway for external wind & cold to enter your body. When you go outside, keep this area covered, stay warm, and prevent your body's exposure to these elements.

  • Zip up the collar of your sweater.

  • Pull the up the hood of your jacket.

  • Or accessorize and make it fashion by wearing a scarf around your neck.

These tips also apply if you work indoors under a vent and have air constantly blowing on you.

3. Keep your feet cozy

An image of two people's feet with socks on and warming them in front of a cozy fireplace.
cozy up

Many meridians begin in the feet and constant exposure to cold can stagnate Qi. If you experience cold hands and feet, poor circulation, low back pain, painful periods, or infertility, cold may be a factor.

  • Swap flip flops and sandals for boots or flats.

  • When indoors, wear socks or slippers especially if you have hardwood, tile or laminate flooring in your home.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Interested in finding out how Chinese Medicine can help you optimize your health throughout the year? Schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation with Dr. Lesley.

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